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NeverLand Gives the St. Joe Company's (NYSE: JOE) Web Site a Double Shot of JOE RSS Feed

St. JoeAlexandria, VA (June 28, 2002) - NeverLand, an IT services business, today announces the re-launch of, the corporate web site for the St. Joe Company (NYSE:JOE), Florida’s premier real estate operating company and the state’s largest private landowner.

The re-structured information architecture makes for a more intuitive interface for users such as investors, current and prospective customers, analysts, and journalists. The new web site binds St. Joe’s corporate image with a more thorough use of visual examples of its “place-making” into the design elements. It automatically feeds recent newsroom items onto subject-specific pages, thereby creating a more dynamic site. It uses the “print this” and “email this” capabilities, and threads current stock information from PCQuote onto the home page. Phase II will take the site one step further incorporating XML capabilities to stream current investor relations information seamlessly into the site.

“We enjoyed working with St. Joe again to update the site design guided by the look and feel of the 2001 annual report, and to craft a more compact site architecture. We are looking forward to the next phase of the project which will utilize our XML capabilities,” said Patrick Mills, NeverLand’s CEO.

The St. Joe Company, a publicly held company based in Jacksonville, is one of Florida’s largest real estate operating companies. It is engaged in community, commercial, industrial, hospitality, leisure and resort development, along with commercial real estate services. The company also has significant interests in timber. More information about St. Joe can be found online at

NeverLand Software & Systems, a privately held company based in Alexandria, Virginia with an office in San Francisco, California, is an Information Technology services business. Founded in 1994, NeverLand offers a large range of services to industry, including systems integration services and website, database and application development services to clients nationwide.

More information about NeverLand can be found online at