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About NeverLand Software & Systems

NeverLand Software & Systems was founded in 1994 to provide custom programming and computer related consulting services to industry. In late 1995, we used our experience in developing network aware software to move into website development. Most of our new business comes from referrals; quality and customer satisfaction are everything to us. We are constantly developing new techniques to provide our clients with state-of-the-art capabilities while still remaining compatible with users who have not yet joined the cutting-edge.

Our philosophy is to take computing past user-friendly to “user-easy.” We achieve this by complementing quality work with excellent technical support. The employees involved in creating an application or website also support it, answer your questions, and use your input to make updates better. As a small company, we can provide the type of personal attention that every client wants and deserves.

We take computing past User-Friendly to “User-Easy”

We believe that producing quality services to gain customer satisfaction has proven worthwhile. For each project we provide superior quality, on-time, and within budget – not just a completed job. Our perfectionist attitude towards work infuses the entire company, and we deem it a necessary ingredient for doing the best possible job. We utilize “best of breed” technology and practices throughout the company – from our network and system management technology through to our custom developed solutions.

At NeverLand Software & Systems, we believe that long-term business relationships are the best approach to providing services. We wish to be the technology partners of our clients. In fact, in many cases we are the IT departments of our clients. This close relationship lets us know our clients’ businesses, and enables us to offer better service and better recommendations.

Our Software Development Team has produced applications for commercial, government, and educational use. We have extensive experience with Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Our developers use a number of tools and languages to create solutions that take full advantage of each platform’s capabilities. By choosing an appropriate development tool, we keep costs and development time to a minimum.