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Web Development Services

Our internet solution development team has the expertise to make your site unforgettable, and an integral part of your company’s success. We have extensive experience developing applications, and can therefore blend the right mix of artistry and engineering to create a truly dynamic interface. We stay abreast of the Internet’s latest evolving standards, yet make sure your site is also viewable by the largest audience - those who have not yet joined the cutting edge.

We handle all our sites with the same dedication to client satisfaction whether it is your company’s main communication and revenue tool, or simply a company brochure site. Our sites are tailored to a client’s needs and image. We do not have a formulaic approach; each is unique.

Many new clients have come to us frustrated with former “web administrators” often not delivering what they originally promised. In today’s climate many people offer their services at cut-rate costs, and many of our clients have received cut-rate services from these people in return. By turning to NeverLand, you have an entire team to make sure deliverables arrive on-time and within your budget. Even though our clients "outsource" to us, we like them to feel that we are "right down the hall". In order to attain this, we offer website maintenance / frequent update agreements; for a low monthly fee, we make sure your site is always up-to-date and make changes at no extra charge.

We can lead you through any other aspect of web site development - from helping you select a hosting service or an ISP in your area, to managing your first company database, or promoting your site.

Here are a few of our Web Development services:

  • HTML5, HTML 4.0 & 3.2 (for eNewsletters)
  • CSS with graceful degeneration
  • XML Capabilities
  • CGI Coding in C, C++, C#, Perl, Python, Java, and Visual Basic
  • Advanced scripting in Javascript
  • Flash animation and custom applications using ActionScript
  • Interactive Forms with Input Validation
  • Dynamic Page Generation and Database Driven Content
  • Database Development and Management
  • Secure E-Commerce
  • Targeted Email Campaigns to Your Customers/ Members
  • Flexible Script-Driven Navigation
  • Fully integrated Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Password-Protected Section for Your Clients/Members
  • Client/ Member self-managed Profiles
  • Integrated Mini-sites for Speakers, Forums, and Job postings
  • Dynamic Event Calendaring System
  • Graphics Development
    • 2D graphics – Photoshop, Fireworks, Fractal Painter, Freehand, Paint Shop Pro, xRes, Corel
    • 3D Rendering – Extreme 3D, Ray Dream Designer, Detailer, Visual Reality, TrueSpace
    • Multimedia Development
      • Animation – HTML5, Flash, GIF, Windows Media, RealMedia, AVI, QuickTime
      • Image / Sound / Video Capture, Editing Development
      • Bluray, DVD, and CD-ROM Mastering

  • Training, Consulting, and Technical Support
  • Site Maintenance and Frequent Update contracts
  • Online Marketing and Promotion
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Service Provider Search, Screening, and Account Establishment
  • Domain Name Registration (“”) and email Setup
  • Dedicated / Shared Hosting

Read our Portfolio page to meet some of our clients.

CUE™ (Client Update Engine)

Another frequently requested service is our unique CUE™ (Client Update Engine) which allows clients to maintain their own sites via the web. CUE™ enables dynamic updating, addition, or removal of documents, images, and other multimedia content. The interface uses a Point-and-Click methodology, forms, and HTML5 enhancements; after a brief tutorial, clients are ready to maintain their own sites. CUE™ Systems are available which take advantage of extended formatting but require no knowledge of HTML. Please contact us for more information.