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HFM's New "Translator II" Software, developed with Neverland, gives Foodservice Operators a Fresh Look into their Operations RSS Feed

Healthcare Food Service Management Alexandria, VA (November 15, 2001) - The National Society for Healthcare Foodservice Management’s Translator II software, a NeverLand project, gives foodservice operators a set of “fresh eyes” for their operations. This software is a follow-up to the original “Translator.” This windows-based software was first developed in 1995 by an HFM Associate Member company in response to the needs of independent non-contract foodservice operators. NeverLand Software and Systems has completed its successor.

There were and are five goals for the software:

  • Provide HFM operator members with a clear and concise program to help identify and provide a clear revenue and expense snapshot for their operation(s);
  • Provide operators with the ability to take a “fresh eyes” approach to their operation(s)... learn to look at it the way a prospective foodservice contract management company would;
  • Provide operators with a tool to do “what if” scenarios. For example, an operator could assume the contractor would charge full cost for catering; include a profit margin; or follow the currently used method of the independent operator. Each assumption provides a different result;
  • Provide operators with the ability to compare their operation(s) to what a contractor proposal says and then show what the hidden or unstated charges which the contractor inserted in their actual contract would make the total cost to the facility; compared to the current independent operations mode; and,
  • Provide operators with the ability to compare different independent operations particularly when mergers and acquisitions are in the future for their institution.

According to Patrick Mills, CEO, “By integrating HFM member feedback and ideas in the development process, the Translator II makes the HFM software suite a more complete tool for HFM member foodservice operation needs.”

The National Society for Healthcare Foodservice Management (HFM) is the only professional society dedicated exclusively to senior independent non-contract healthcare foodservice management professionals. HFM’s goals are: to provide members with the tools to maintain and improve their management skills, obtain better products and services by promoting a partnership between operators and suppliers; promote networking; and share innovative ideas that help members stay on the cutting edge of healthcare foodservice management. HFM was established as a non-profit organization in 1988. We have grown from 180 members in 1991 to over 3,000 today.

NeverLand Software & Systems, a privately held company based in Alexandria, Virginia and with offices in San Francisco, CA, is an Information Technology services business. Founded in 1994, we offer a large range of services to industry. We offer systems integration services and website, database and application development services to clients nationwide.

More information about NeverLand can be found online at