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NeverLand Client HFM Launches HTML E-Newsletter 'HFM BYTES' RSS Feed

Healthcare Food Service ManagementArlington, VA (April 8, 2004) - This week, NeverLand and the Healthcare Food Service Management Association (HFM) launch a new HFM publication, HFM Bytes. This is a new monthly email newsletter for its association members, and is sponsored by ads placed within the HTML version of the newsletter.

Newsletters are created by HFM employees through the NeverLand CUE Management Panel. Simple “cut, paste, and select” activities create both a text and HTML version of the newsletter, which is then sent out to the newsletter subscribers.

According to Annette Summers, ”In today’s world, where firewalls and filters make it increasingly difficult to get your members’ attention – you have to be creative. Neverland Software built our client a software program that allows us to gain access with even the most challenging firewalls and grabs the readers attention immediately. They worked with us to create the most effective design possible; and then designed a simple software solution that anyone can use. The result: A highly marketable, professional electronic newsletter that gets read and used. There are many templates for electronic newsletters; but few have the sophistication and excellence that this one combines.”

HFM BytesThe National Society for Healthcare Foodservice Management (HFM) is the only professional society dedicated to senior independent non-contract healthcare foodservice management professionals and their suppliers. HFM is the first and only healthcare management society providing superior advocacy and targeted management tools to decrease costs, increase patient, staff and visitor satisfaction and define exemplary operating performance. HFM is found online at

NeverLand Software & Systems is a privately held company based in Arlington, Virginia with an office in San Francisco, California. Founded in 1994, NeverLand is an Information Technology services business. The company offers a large range of services to industry, including systems integration services and website, database and application development services to clients nationwide. Its flagship product, the NeverLand CUE™, enables clients to manage specific features online, including web site content, press rooms, databases, HTML e-newsletters, contacts, visitor or subscriber passwords, and much more.

More information about NeverLand can be found online at