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US Air Force Medical Service Arlington, VA (April 11, 2010) – As a subcontractor during a five-year contract with the USAF, NeverLand developed and managed the event website for a military training conference. The program has been so successful, that each year additional groups have been merged into the program; currently the conference hosts over 1000 attendees. Each attendee has a specific classification which indicates their purpose at the conference. There are over 315 classes offered during the conference, each with specific timing, attendance and class size restrictions. Registration consists of gathering the user’s information and then presenting them with a list of available classes that match their classification. Since attendees are paid to attend, the system must ensure that they are registered for every possible timeslot without repeating or overlapping classes; in addition some classes are mandatory for certain classifications and some classes have pre-requisites and others have multiple parts. The backend supports onsite check-in, printed/online/emailed schedules, and printing name badges.

Global Medical Readiness Symposium

High ranking officers (Generals and Admirals) often come to the conference to give presentations; however, as at many conferences, attendees may be late or skip sessions. To alleviate this, and in light of the fact that attendees were on paid assignment to attend, we implemented an accountability system which included using laser scanners to track attendance. At the end of the conference, we were able to generate detailed reports showing which classes each attendee actually attended/missed (even taking into account/tracking dynamic changes in classes), attendance by class, and class size to attendance.

Beyond just tracking, we were able to automate the post conference survey to include specific questions about classes that attendees actually attended while skipping questions pertaining to classes that they did not attend. Furthermore, as the conference was Medical in nature, we were able to automate the tests necessary to achieve CEUs. We were so successful in tracking, validating, and authenticating our attendees, that the AMA granted us the ability to automatically issue AMA PRA Category 1 credits – no additional paperwork required; to date, we are unaware of any other group or system being granted this authority.

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NeverLand Software & Systems is a privately held company based in Arlington, Virginia. Founded in 1994, NeverLand is an Information Technology services business. The company offers a large range of services to industry, including systems integration services and website, database and application development services to clients nationwide.

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NeverLand’s flagship product is the NeverLand CUE™. This proprietary system enables clients to manage specific features online, including administrator access, web site content, press rooms and other publications, databases, HTML e-newsletters, advertising, contacts, visitor or subscriber passwords, subsidiary web sites, and much more. All this can be done through the CUE™ Management Panel without needing knowledge of HTML or any programming or database languages.

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