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NeverLand's New CUE Module Allows Organizations to Conduct Targeted Email Campaigns RSS Feed

Arlington, VA (July 8, 2003) - NeverLand Software today announced a new integrated module for the NeverLand CUE management panel that will streamline its clients’ email campaigns. This product will help any organization target specific groups of contacts within its contact databases.

Streamline Your Email Campaign

“Email campaigns are so much more successful if they are customized for a specific target group. This new module allows CUE users the freedom to create more direct email campaigns, instead of forcing them to send to all email newsletter recipients all of the time,” said Patrick Mills, President, NeverLand Software.

The new module allows users to select subsets of contact database email recipients, and therefore create targeted email campaigns. Users can target groups by information such as:

  • demographics,
  • geography,
  • ideology,
  • specific legislative district,
  • or any other contact database field.

NeverLand Software & Systems, a privately held company based in Arlington, Virginia with an office in San Francisco, California, is an Information Technology services business. Founded in 1994, NeverLand offers a large range of services to industry, including systems integration services and website, database and application development services to clients nationwide.

More information about NeverLand can be found online at