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A Travel Guide for the Discerning Traveler, DestinationsKnown, Comes to Life RSS Feed

Arlington, VA (April 16, 2004) - Today, a brand new idea in travel sites comes to life: DestinationsKnown is a NeverLand client, and is billed as a “Guide for the Discerning Traveler.” What makes this travel site different is that it matches visitors with actual travel agents who specialize in specific destinations. This enables a traveler to gather up-to-date and targeted information from an actual travel agent, instead of being overloaded with travel choices.

NeverLand’s Internet Solutions Team created the specific “look & feel” of the site, and created the logo and tagline for the site. NeverLand then brought the site to life on the Internet.

DestinationsKnown is an association of travel consultants worldwide. With a focus on the utilization of the local knowledge, experience and expertise of the DestinationsKnown agents, travelers receive insight and personal attention that cannot be found anywhere else. Not Internet Travel … Real Travel. It can now be found online at

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