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NeverLand Launches the CUE Database Contact and CRM Module RSS Feed

Arlington, VA (June 16, 2003) - NeverLand announces the launch of the latest addition to its CUE database management software suite, the Contact and CRM module. This latest product is ideal for any organization outgrowing its spreadsheet database technology, and those looking for a user-friendly database interface.

Built for Organizations Outgrowing Their Spreadsheet Database Technology

“As clients grow, they realize that they need to step up to a more comprehensive database system but don’t want to make it more difficult to use,” said Patrick Mills, President of NeverLand Software. “This new technology puts a friendly interface on complex database technology, giving our clients exactly what they need.”

The module offers flexibility for differing database maintenance styles – whether users plan to update new contact data field by field, or import new multi-field contact lists. Through a secure web-based interface, users can input multiple email and mailing addresses, phone and facsimile numbers, affiliations, ideologies, and so much more for each and every contact. Users can also designate addresses and numbers as work, home, or perhaps a contact’s second home. This detailed contact information can later be found by complete string or partial string searches.

The Contact Relation Management (CRM) element enables users to make notes about specific correspondence. This feature aims to assist with follow-ups to target campaigns, and retains contact information within a company.

NeverLand Software & Systems, a privately held company based in Arlington, Virginia with an office in San Francisco, California, is an Information Technology services business. Founded in 1994, NeverLand offers a large range of services to industry, including systems integration services and website, database and application development services to clients nationwide.

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